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Yupo Yupo, the Puzzlebeans engine, this page, and many other things I do, are based on open source tools and resources, including those listed below:


Puzzlebeans Project




J2DA Engine


Echomine Muse


Jakarta Components

Open Source Web Design

Axis Creations (basis for CSS)

Yupo Yupo Game

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Yupo Yupo is a puzzle game, an epic battle against evil beans. This will be familiar to anyone who has played a puzzle game inspired by Tetris, where pieces are dropped form the top of the screen to make matches, but the simple colour matching rules of this game lead to surprisingly complex strategies and deep gameplay. Yupo Yupo provides a single player game against a computer player, two player games on a single computer, and two player games across a network or the internet. Linux, Mac OSX and Windows are supported via Webstart, and other platforms may also work.

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Puzzlebeans Engine

Yupo Yupo is the first game developed using Puzzlebeans, which is an open source game engine, supporting both puzzle games and other types of 2D games. The source code is available at the project page, please feel free to use this for your own games, and any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. In particular, Yupo Yupo could use some better AI opponents, and an interface is available for implementing new AI's without too much trouble. Any help with networking (for example producing a dedicated server) would also be very useful.


The graphics (and soon also the original blender and gimp files) for the game, and this page, are available under a Creative Commons licence:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Software Patents

Software Patents are a threat to Yupo Yupo, the Puzzlebeans engine, and many other far more important open source projects, as well as to basic freedoms. Apathy will let this kind of thing succeed against reason and popular feeling - you can find out how to help at the FFII page.

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